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                          We have been in business since 1951. Our hours of operation are 11a.m. to 11p.m M-F and 10a.m. to 12p.m Saturday and Sunday.

Our Customer's satisfaction is certainly the  driving force behind our unique family business.

Our goal is to provide the best tasting authentic family-made bread this side of the Atlantic with all the richness and tradition of the Old World.
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What are you trying to convey in this artwork? In this piece, I want to show how exciting nature can be. I had been told there were wild donkeys on the island of St. John, and when I found them, it was just incredible. I wanted to capture their gentle yet spunky nature and force people to see them in a new light.

What is your creative process? My creative process is a constant thing. Usually images will pop into my head based on what I’ve experienced throughout the day or over a period of time. I see it in my mind before it ends up on paper. Sometimes I will just start painting and make changes as I go. Other times it is well planned.

What makes your work unique? I think my perspective makes my work unique. I have a background in decorative arts and design and a love for psychology. I am creating a personal response with my work. If I can make someone see something a little differently, then I’ve done my job. I also use a variety of techniques and am not afraid to explore new styles and materials.

What do you like best about being an artist? I am most grateful for being able to do something I love every day of my life. I also love the people I meet along the way.

What galleries represent your work? DC Arts Studios, Washington, DC, and www.lmistudiosinc.com.